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Registered Investment Advisor

Wealth management services with a personal relationship.

Planning and One-on-One Meetings

Experienced planning centered around life events and communicated clearly one-on-one.

Investment Management

Disciplined research, customized models and consistent rebalancing are the foundation of our portfolio management expertise.

Retirement Income Solutions

How much money can you withdraw from your portfolio monthly and never run out of money?

Risk Evaluation

Establishing a clients risk tolerance drives our portfolio model management.

My Bucket System


Vickerman & Driscoll developed the ultimate proprietary retirement income calculator. Adjust the green bar to the value of your total investment portfolio and watch the MyBucketSystemTM calculate your retirement income on a monthly basis.


1-5 yrs.


Projected 1.5% Return

6-10 yrs.


Projected 3% Return

11-15 yrs.


Projected 4% Return

16+ yrs.


Projected 8.5% Return


Monthly Income


Monthly Income


Monthly Income


Year 16 Balance



    Our Team

    We absolutely love what we do and believe our devotion to our work is reflected in each and everyone of our clients.

    Mike J. Vickerman, Jr.


    Co-Founder, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Expert Planner & Adviser, Father & Friend to those who know him well.

    Wayne Haas

    Financial Advisor

    Brings deep commitment, ethics, and professionalism to his role as Wealth Management Consultant, Portfolio Manager, and Certified Financial Planner®

    Amy Jo Van Lierop

    Financial Advisor

    It is a great moment when a client breathes a sigh of relief, that feeling of peace and control, the sense that everything is coming together.

    Jim Czirr

    Chief Investment Advisor

    Jim is responsible for market research, investment strategy, security selection, and asset allocation decisions the firm.

    Maggie Boone

    Service & Operations Manager

    Excited to be part of a team, dedicated to meeting & exceeding our clients financial investment needs.

    Why Vickerman & Driscoll?

    We are a niche wealth management company serving high net-worth individuals. We develop a relationship centered on honesty and integrity. This allows for open communication to deliver exceptional planning results. We customize your investment portfolio based on your current portfolio value, saving targets, risk evaluation and your retirement income goals. And finally, we believe in responsive, personal service to navigate the daily challenges of making informed wealth management decisions.

    We look forward to partnering with You!

    An investment strategy that focuses on building portfolios to provide a monthly income in retirement.

    We favor a balance of equity and fixed income investments based on your custom risk evaluation. We assist you in preserving, growing and managing your wealth through adequate diversification among the different asset classes, proactive allocation of sector weightings and a disciplined approach to rebalancing to harvest investment profits. In retirement, we provide an on going plan to provide you with monthly income using the "My Bucket SystemTM" developed by Vickerman & Driscoll.


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